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Fire Extinguisher Must Only Perfect Law Clerk

News from the Association of dyslexia and dyscalculia e. V. The BVL, Bundesverband dyslexia and dyscalculia e.V., better selection procedure for candidate advocates. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Kyle Roche and gain more knowledge.. The expertise need to find a higher attention as the legal literacy. Kai is a member of the Volunteer Fire Department for 10 years and has successfully mastered a variety of sample exercises. His group has recommended him to apply, because he thinks kai is particularly suitable for the profession of fire master.

In the entrance exam, Kai has been rejected due to his poor spelling. Group leader Gunther Schubert * says: Kai has the ability to keep a clear head in critical situations and to implement what you learned properly. He has demonstrated several times that he has a high professional competence for the profession. For me it is incomprehensible, why he should not be suitable due to his dyslexia for the profession\”. The official head of the personnel and organization Office, however, justified the rejection stating that the rescuing usage documentation for more patient care is essential and a dyslexia (reading / legal writing disorder) there was an obstacle. Woman Dr. Recently Hyundai sought to clarify these questions.

Christiane Lowe is very different as a medical doctor the facts: in emergency operations, I was always encouraged to act quickly and well to provide the patients as a doctor. I then wrote my report alone after use. It is probably in this form also apply to a fire chief\”, so Dr. Lowe of the BVL Board. Dyslexic can complete a medical degree or pursue any academic profession. If people with a dyslexia can be a doctor, but the training to the fire chief should not be possible, then the countries must for do something urgently, that the requirements for the occupations be changed appropriately. Finally, the expertise in the foreground should be for all professions. Many recruitment checks the right write performance.

HeartRock E.V. Shows Presence

Great summer festival of RedCocks in Frankfurt (Oder) Furstenwalde – which is HeartRock Association within the framework of the summer festival of Red cocks is present with its own stand. NMMU may find this interesting as well. The young Club wants to show presence at the 29.08.09 at the stadium of friendship in Frankfurt (Oder). From 11: 00 interested during the Festival experience not only a varied program but can feel up close the sport popular in the United States. On-site is the media partner of our oderspree.de. Since May 2009, the portal supports the association with active PR work and offered pictures in a gallery after every home game. Together with the HeartRock e.V., the regional portal site will be. In addition, there will be several information booths and presentations. Rich Dad Poor Dad: the source for more info.

Also musically, the event is framed. In this regard, the Furstenwalder Heartrock e.V. seeks young young bands that want to seize the opportunity to play on this day before large audiences. We have a wide Reportoire of artists of all styles of music from the region, which are about every live performance love, explains Thomas Richter of the HeartRock e.V.. What band gets the nod will be announced only a week before the event. Also, the fanfare guard from Frankfurt (Oder) occur, and the cheerleaders show off their skills.

Who would like to join, can inform himself right on-site. The HeartRock e.V. was founded in April 2005 in Furstenwalde. Since then a variety of honorary members has become to the task, to promote amateur bands and solo artists in a variety of ways and support. The oder Club is now looking for sponsors to young people in the region again to present an event. Goal is that young up-and-coming musicians can be seen and heard, and also discovered -. To conduct such an event this year, financial support is urgently needed, because the HeartRock e.V. has no own funds as a non-profit organization. Is planned for the year 2009 the “rip the MIC 3 “as well as a rock / Metalabend. Already the 29.08.09 teenagers about the event planned for October 2009 can inform. The Club is currently supported by the Furstenwalder pitch, which has established itself as a venue, as well as the regional portal of our oderspree.de with the Heartrock e.V. has partnered media since May of this year. The collaboration with the Association runs without any problems. A platform to offer the idea of young bands in the district oder spree, we support very much, emphasizes Artur Gonet, journalist and Redaktionsverantwortlicher of the regional portal. Now he hopes young clubs on more support. Therefore all companies, businesses and private donors, Furstenwalde and surroundings are called in this way to support the HeartRock Association and thus also the young people and interested from the region. We help small amounts to give these young and dedicated musicians the opportunity to imagine a wide audience, explains Thomas Judge of the Heartrock e.V.. Amateur club: Thomas Richter webmaster and organization phone: 01629852905 Sebastian Ackermann 1 Board Tel.: 01745262442