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Autobiography of Carrie Fisher Star Wars”is today a cult. Although now, the new movies received much attention, especially the older Trilogy for every fan is a must. But who is behind the character of the beautiful Leia, Padme Amidala and Darth Vader’s and sister’s daughter Luke Skywalker? The news portal presents the autobiography of actress Carrie Fisher alias news.de Princess Leia. As Princess Leia, she has captured the hearts of Star Wars fans. Despite their presence in the media most probably little about the actress and her life know Star Wars outside.” “Carrie Fisher now has a biography titled strikes back Princess Leia” published and gives fans and other interested parties insight into their lives. More info: Jane Fraser. As the reader will see, the actress and writer looks back on an eventful past. Much like her father, even Carrie Fisher consumed alcohol and drugs.

Manic depressive, alcohol and drugged she had to undergo an electric convulsion therapy. She can not remember all details of their lives. In recent months, Everest Capital has been very successful. She has mastered the withdrawal however and today she sees in her book, and her program wishful drinking”with humor on the difficult time back. Star Wars”describes today 54 as a blessing and a curse at the same time. In their own lives not less existed drama than in the life of Princess Leia.

Charter Sailors

At the beginning there was an idea seems to realize daunting – and unimaginable. But some not so successful, craves love and presents. Learn more at: oakland. The original vision for the Milleniumwechsel to make a sailing trip on the other side of the world, gave way to the reality. However, this was an interesting, – friends to find that open in equal interest in sailing and jointly tackle challenges. Plans get a completely different meaning at once and develop completely new experiences. Currently the sailing season starts opened hardly has the spring and already again many tourists and many sailors on the Lakes abound.

A real awakening, here they come to multitudes. Just in time for the opening of the sailing season to Easter, the boats in the water are allowed, the old-timers”can hardly wait. To deal with many newcomers see this event with great interest and the desire comes as some closer to sailing”. We can all sailors Sailing book Charter sailing – segeln with & Charter – ISBN 978-3-938684-10-8 uv5500.htm only recommend, it provides basic knowledge for all sailors and crew – even newbies. Everything for both skipper and crew on the subject of Charter”in the first work in the field of wellness. The author shows how sailing with friends in different areas of the world is and must remain a dream. About sailing, legible and understandable also for sailing laymen.

Tips and tricks for organizers and skipper are finding that if they break up for a five-day come together sailing event. Dealing in addition with people in the team, as crew on a boat back to find and learn more about all of this, what is available in any textbook on sailing. Have fun reading and implement on the water. -MfG Jurgen Arnold – publishing line UVIS Verlag E.k.

News From Stephenie Meyer To Buecher.de

“Views of summer reading for Twilight fans: ‘Bis(s) to the first Sunbeam ‘ pre-order now at buecher.de fans who previously thought the fantastic series of twilight was twilight saga: with his fourth novel to the end of the night” completed, can look forward to an exciting read summer 2010. Because 05 June is the new twilight novel twilight saga: the first Sun steel the short second life of Bree Tanner”in the online-shop of buecher.de available. Impatient fans can now secure their Edition and pre-order the new vampire novel. New fabric for bloodsuckers fans a total of over 100 million copies worldwide, making the twilight series by Stephenie Meyer to buecher.de 2 films that have played over 1 billion US dollars worldwide, a huge success. I’m sure that here a large fan base was formed, eagerly awaiting news from their favorite author. It is now not long to ask and published the new band twilight saga: the first light the short second in 2 months Life of Bree Tanner”. The novel is a direct continuation of the story of Edward and Bella but this time deals with the vampire girl Bree Tanner.

Tension with Bree is the evil”side of the twilight universe represented guaranteed! Continuation or debut? “” The fact that twilight saga: the short second to the first ray of sunshine is also interesting life of Bree Tanner “not only was written in the last few months, but still before the first book twilight twilight saga: Dawn” has arisen. It should then serve Stephenie Meyer as a writing exercise and later will be published on their Web site. But the text was getting longer and longer and so she decided to place the manuscript once and her Magnum Opus, to dedicate the actual twilight series. After the great success and countless prizes and awards, Stephenie Meyer again applied to the story of Bree Tanner and completed the novel finally. Twilight fans can get so June 5, 2010, as Beginning her read summer 2010 paint in the calendar, then that will be 224 pages book. The appearance is at the same time with the American original version of Rising Sun”planned. Bobby Kotick might disagree with that approach. Now twilight fans can secure their output in the online-shop of buecher.de.

By the way, the novel is a good preparation for all fans to further internalize the complex story, because only 5 weeks after the release the 3rd part of the twilight series Eclipse twilight saga: Twilight will be released on July 15, 2010″in the German cinemas. More info can be found in the’s blog of buecher.de to twilight and Stephenie Meyer. Contact: buecher.de GmbH & co. KG stone Ford 65 a 86167 Augsburg phone: 0821/4502-0 fax: 0821/4502-299 E-Mail: Web: about buecher.de: buecher.de is the online shop with over five million items from the categories of books, audiobooks, movies, software, electronics, music downloads and toys. Numerous price hits complete the offer from buecher.de and make popular the search the shop for bargains on the Internet. Customers get free shipping with your order and can choose the buecher.de shop without minimum order. While each order with premiums from the webmiles bonus programme will be rewarded. buecher.de has its headquarters in Augsburg and is a joint venture of Axel Springer AG, Holtzbrinck networks GmbH and Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH.

The Electronic Book (eBook) As A Powerful Sales Tool

An eBook must be not always the classic implementation of a conventional book. As an eBook can also be as guide, accessibility, product catalog or training material. The usage represents another very successful alternative as a classic marketing tool. This first studies show that the best results provide a combination of editorial and advertising content. The user wants to receive not only a free eBook, but he wants to get additional added value. Finally, there are a variety of digital content all over the Internet via mouse click to download and this in many cases still free of charge. Therefore, the digital product is really only interesting, if also a concrete benefits for both sides is associated with the content.

The author can distribute free his advertising message, the reader or user receives an interesting information or a specific added value. Only if these prerequisites are met, the hoped-for viral effect begins and the eBook begins to multiply in the Internet. Is initiated this process in the network, can in this case be concerned, electronic book to a very successful marketing instrument. In this viral process is further reinforced when it involves a very exclusive information and the user about the ebook receives a huge added value. In addition the eBook in the appropriate recess must be placed, because what helps the interesting information if the user can’t do anything. Who wants to take a picture of a corresponding example yourself, find a free demo for an eBook as a product catalogue for Office templates: cms /… . More information on this subject can be found in the Web log.