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Keep Your Customers Happy!

Try to get into the habit of setting aside a few minutes each day to care for their “duties of resources” – as you would with the phone call making or return e-mails or other marketing activity. Because that is what this type of customer service is – marketing both you and your business. SEARCH THE WEB It seems to me as a person very skilled in computers, I have a talent that can benefit my less technically inclined to clients a great deal – I know how and where to find things on the Internet. When one of my clients mentioned that need administrative assistance or a personal trainer or even a good place to buy the bookcase, I can not find an online resource to quickly and easily. Instead of telling my clients, “I’m sure you can find this on the web “, I send an email with links to appropriate sites. This will not only help my clients find the products and services they need, but leave it looking like a true hero. Do you really APPLY CUSTOMER suggestions? no good feedback from a customer asking if it’s only going to get launched on a file or left in your e-mail in-box. You really have to move that idea into some kind of action – clarify (or even change) its policies, implement a new monitoring program, offer special pricing packages for sale, make an addition to your marketing materials – whatever it takes to keep your customer happy.