State Education

In the traditional school the education is seen as a way for the marginality, therefore education is not directed for all and yes for a small minority, having become the society divided and with social distinction, thus adding plus a social problem. According to Saviani (1981, p: 2), … ‘ ‘ theories conceive the society as being essentially marked for the division between groups or antagonistic classrooms that if relate basically in condies’ ‘. Taking for this criterion that marks the division between groups or classrooms. The ideal of a good education is if to pledge in forming and improving behaviors of the human being, where the respect can be added the certain principles in its formation, mainly the what concerns if to become a citizen. Although some professionals to study ways and to look for to understand the problems in the schools, unhappyly are not apt to diminish this criterion of marginality.

The learning not yet to be so significant for these classrooms evidencing a pertaining to school education for all the social formation of the individual, therefore is basic for the growth of a clarified society more, disrespecting this social division, has seen that it is through the education and knowledge that has possibilities to diminish this alarming picture of crime. THEORY – the theory CRITICIZES not – does not criticize inda is reflected is reflected of the traditional school, where the education is simply the act to repeat and to copy the ones that the professors automatically it searched to inform, did not appear space for questioning, only space to copy information. In the book the author detaches ‘ ‘ theories not – criticas’ ‘ of the education among others in which it will not be argued in this article, giving emphasis to this theory is clearly that (Saviani. 1981. p: 3), are happy in its rank when if it relates to the Constitution, therefore from the moment that the proper Constitution guarantees that the education is a right of all and is to have of the all State to make to fulfill it to independent of its social classroom, where never the education can be applied as privilege stops all, as associated marginality not being to the ignorance.