Southeast Asia Production

Dynamics of growth of production of PP of Southeast Asian countries has been almost always linear, even after the global? Coup? industry in 2000 The majority of this growth has been obtained for by moving the large plants in North America and Western Europe to Southeast Asia. In those days, the lowest production costs were caused by mass production and virtually free labor (Minimum wage workers – 69 … 83 dollars). Today, mass production in Southeast Asian countries dictate the redistribution of the costs of producers. Global shortage of copper and an increase in prices of materials for the manufacture of insulators affect cost producers of PP, by reducing their profits. At present the production in Southeast Asia still continues to grow and is approaching more than three quarters of world production of PP.

But the producers of Southeast Asian countries identified several issues that dictate a different policy production. Note the most important of them: – the cost of labor and maintenance costs increased. Particularly critical for countries in Southeast Asia is a labor cost of qualified professionals – higher prices for energy and raw materials – the world market saturation PP, that dictates a more flexible marketing policies for costing and finding customers. In this regard, experts note reduction growth dynamics of production of PP in Southeast Asia at the end of 2005 to 10-11% and a further stable maintenance of this rate until 2010, the forecasts, the global increase in production of printed circuit boards will be about 9-10%.