Social Marketing

An effort is made to identify, through research, communication channels most likely to reach each segment and times or seasons that these individuals will be more receptive to the message. Strategic concepts that offer most likely to achieve the objectives laid down are used throughout the planning, design and implementation of the campaign. Used research and other mechanisms to ensure that the programme is implemented as planned and to obtain feedback about the required patches of the program. Definitely cite Figuera Daniela Minotti Keimy, Cedeno Elinet is a fact that the methods and techniques of marketing monopolies, trading companies and nationalized companies both in noble causes and social services may be applied. The social cause is all not vested with the power organization public having as main objective changing attitudes or behaviors of certain population to improve the situation within its structure or of certain characteristics of the population. Social causes can be set under different status legal, citing as examples: a. b.

voluntary associations Association of women’s Liberation d. c. Red Cross Association of free abortion e. antialcoholicas campaigns f. cancer prevention campaigns g.

unions, etc. h. service clubs. There is no doubt expressed the cited authors, Social Marketing has been used to describe activities aimed at increasing the acceptability of social causes, ideas or behaviours appealing to the individual. As to past time, in Venezuela have begun to notice in a manner more forceful and definitive interest and susceptibility of many companies and organizations in order to create among its consumer public awareness and sensitivity about the acceptance of certain consumer products, without getting to take advantage of the customer and much less this may feel obligated to a particular consumer.