For example, authors as GIAMI; D' ALLONES (1984) believe that the society that interacts with the deficient ones dichotomizes and maniqueza the conceptions concerning the sexuality for the deficient ones. DENARI (1997) argues especially regarding this polarization that if creates to if dealing with the sexuality of the deficient one, and what it is in the phase of the adolescence: or it is considered to be hiperssexualidado or to be assexuado. Scabello et al. (in prelo) they point with respect to one important question, of that, even so the organic and physiological development of a person with intellectual to be the same of one another person not-deficient delay, the deficient person, in view of its delay in the development nor always would have conditions or necessities of if relating ' ' genitalmente' ' with one another person (deficient or not). However, even so the deficient one can not have physical necessities or psychic to excercer the sexual act, it can be an easy canine tooth for the sexual violence (abuse of more diverse types).

For Scabello et al. (in prelo), on the other hand, the deficient one can be one ' ' presa' ' easy when it does not communicate itself verbally or, still, when said its is devaluated or ignored in view of its intellectual delay. On the other hand, deficient intellectuals exist who understand on and to exert the sexual act conscientiously. For this exactly, we can ask why it will be that the sex tends to be seen in an impudente way and why the sexuality must be atrelada to this conception of sex, being consequently forbidden and controlled? It has that to stand out itself that when the sexuality is ignored, or still denied, and this contributes for the sprouting of inadequate sexual behaviors (ASSUMPO Jr; SPROVIERI, 1993; MAYAN, 2006), as the infantilizao and consequence difficulty of the deficient one to not only establish other relationships that with its parents and/or cuidadores.