Residential 2012: News & Trends

Measuring, setting up trends and design news about current living and furnishing trends imm cologne in Cologne and Ambiente in Frankfurt, Germany informed already, organized in January or February 2012. 2012, you will assume an important function at light + building. On, lighting, interior design and furnishings also include the current topics. Free after the election slogan “Is allowed, what” the market for Interior has differentiates itself strongly in recent years. Shapes and colors hardly a greater number are limits the space designers, but general trends for the new look in the private home are characterized here. The combination of shapes and colors guarantee different results even when using the same accessories.

Trends in housing and setting up natural materials, flowing fabrics like round shapes: With these characteristics are to characterize many current designer pieces. Especially for upholstered furniture is the move to simplicity in combination with Design accents by accessories such as, for example, colored cushions for great seating indicative. In harking back to the natural resources supposedly past returns in the furnishing sector. At this year’s design and Interior trade fairs, we always encounter wood furniture, sustainably produced furnishings and goods with eco-label. Who 2012 would bring the home trends home to, should be also on colors set. Whether it’s wall decoration, small furniture or decorative objects: designers and design experts here see this year the color purple ahead.

Also gentler berry tones (for example, lilac) verleihenRaumlichkeiten new gloss. A very high variation there equally in determining wall with flexibly utilisable Walltattoos. Lighting design as a theme at the light + building 2012 the theme of light is already shortly in more detail pages the fair light + building in Frankfurt am Main, Germany picked up. Here, more than 1,500 exhibitors show various offers to light and Lighting design. In particular, the issue of design luminaires has become an interesting aspect in establishing. Guests of the fair can make this targeted smart of individual models and their producers. Also visit the accompanying trend Forum is recommended in this case. That many of the lamps no longer only accomplish the benefits of a light source, underlines the trend change by the mere object of use of and the versatile design object.