Ponte Careers

To make the decision about the race to study, required accurate and practical information on opportunities in the future. Opportunities arising from the relationship between population, economic events and development of capabilities that contribute to the strengthening and development of human capital. It is for these reasons that the centers of higher education are obliged to train professionals who work more intelligently, to maintain a positive mental attitude to different social and business problems, and to see a response to any problem and not a problem in each response. Universities must not already form professional that they never find work, but engage in graduate employment creators entrepreneurs. Lawyers, journalists, engineers and architects, to mention some few races, thicken the lists of unemployed in the region, but these centres of higher education continue with the same curriculum offer. There is a broad vision that offers a variety of educational, for fear of losing an enrollment. You only need to see classified ads online for employment in newspapers to find out what are the most required professions. This, however, is merely a referential data, because within five years things can change and others the most sought-after careers.

The worst thing is that as well as appear new careers, many others will tend to disappear. It is not unreasonable to think that as the century progresses, the automation will impose significant changes in certain industries. This is how employees of banks or the telephone operators could disappear, since any person may make his efforts automatically. However, some old trades will not lose its importance and even with the advance of time will have greater boom currently enjoyed. It is the case of doctors, paramedics, nurses, chefs kitchen, experts in tourism marketing and especially educators. In a nutshell, in a highly specialized and competitive labour market, it will be essential to continue training permanently and in that sense, a second language will always be indispensable requirement. Also according to several reports, and experts come to a unanimous conclusion: ran perform majors and graduate programs (masters, doctorates, etc.) in a single material. Combine knowledge from multiple disciplines will be the key in the next decade. In an economy driven by innovation and knowledge, in markets that are involved in the intense competition and constant renewal, in a world of tremendous opportunities and risks in a complex society that faces challenges of business, political, scientific, technological, health and environment-friendly type, also took an important place wit, agility and skills these are crucial for a new competitiveness. Gives you the opportunity to explore those places in which competitiveness and creativity allow you to be a citizen of the world, attempts to forge a better future and opportunities, provided that they ask you if you can do a job, answer Yes and Ponte quickly learn how