Payment Terminals

Payment terminals – Business turnkey What is a 'terminal to receive payments'? Payment terminal is a stationary machine, hosted on an area of 1 m2, requires only a network connection with a voltage of 220V and enables fast, on-line to pay a cell phone, Internet, television and other charges. Terminal interface depends on the payment system, through which the receipt of payments. Interface payment terminals as simple and straightforward. Terminal software payment of custom designed and debugged for easy maintenance, reliability and security. It is equipped with a wireless GPRS-modem which allows you to connect to the Internet, which makes it possible to place automatic payment at any place convenient for you. The control system of payment terminals as automated. You do not need hire and supervise a staff of personnel – the control of business is so simple and Teasing so little time that one person can serve up to thirty-payment terminals. Accommodation payment terminals Payments terminal is located in the indoor room with a large level of traffic.

This may be a subway, train stations, gas stations, shopping and entertainment centers, universities, kiosks at bus stops, airports, cinemas, etc. Payment terminal – excellent solution for accepting payments in shops, supermarkets and other retail space. A place for the payment terminals at first glance it seems that there is no room for the installation of payment terminals, but the market Terminal payment continues to grow (on a monthly basis in the country sold a few thousand payment terminals). Profit owners of payment terminals is growing more and by increasing the number of operators in whose favor machines to accept payments, as well as by the emergence of new services. Therefore, the payment terminal can give a good average income in places