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The word "computer", like "computer" did not care. Both words are in Russian language is no relationship! But the warm heart and soul. If they are not okay bourgeois! "In foreign, as in the 80s. in domestic literature to refer to computers, the term "computer". In any professional environment, of course, there are special terms, signs, etc. But! Professional, ie relevance to most profession. And that's fine. I'm a programmer, however, do not use the "bird" language, though, and used in his speech, professional terms, however, as my colleagues.

Not slang, not abracadabra. And this is a significant difference! Russian language gives me a genuine respect. I do not understand – peresproshu not comprehended at once – understanding will come later. Make a mistake – do work on the bugs. But another opponent, "I'm certainly not a troll, but girl, you the first day of Internet? ". This is clearly not lulz! Hee-hee! Day after day, large numbers of people registered blogs. Imagine a situation, not hypothetical, but realistic: "I am certainly not a troll …." Type in any "search engine", the word "troll". Read.

Visual vocabulary. Troll (Troll) – German scientists, brothers: .. 1) William (1897-1978), botanist, works on the comparative morphology of higher plants and Theoretical Biology … 2), Karl (1899-1975), fizikogeograf, conducted research relief Climate vegetation and their relationships, problems, landscape ecology, glaciology in the mountainous areas of Africa, South. and North America. America and the Center. Asia. Russian-Ukrainian dictionary online. Troll adj. husband. kind; odush. Dictionary Ushakov.