Norm Technique

To guarantee security to the proprietors of these property, any works of georreferenciamento must adopt parameters of precision and acurcia in its geodesic surveys. In accordance with NAZARENO, 2000: ' ' The acurcia associates the degree to it of approach of a estimate with its considered value true and is tied with the random and systematic effect. The term precision is tied with the idea of dispersion of the measured values around of the average and therefore, he is on to the effect aleatrios' '. Table 1 was removed of the current norm of the INCRA, in which it establishes the standard to be reached in the georreferencimento works, demanding that the precision gets an equal or lesser value 100 mm in the C1 classroom, with purpose for basic support, immediate support and limit. Table 1 – Classification of vertices how much to the purpose, precision and type. Source: Norm Technique of Georreferenciamento, p.21. 2010 Valley to point out that after reached this positional precision for ends of transport of coordinates, the geomensor one passes to the conference of survey of the points of the perimeter, that will have to reach a 500 precision of mm or better. One observes in the Table 2 other specifications found in the norm technique that must be followed by the geomensores such as: to keep a lesser or equal PDOP the 6; to use mask of rise of 15; to use necessary events, amongst that they are found in the current norm of 2010.

2-Specification table for kinematic relative positioning. Source: Norm Technique of Georreferenciamento, p.45. 2010 3 METHODOLOGY 3,1 FUNCTION AND GENERATION OF the RESOURCE MULTIMEDIA Generally, to generate a tutorial one is not the sufficient for an efficient learning, appearing, then, the possibility of if generating a video-tutorial one, that it has as function to improve the learning and the qualification of the professional who the search.