Nizhny Novgorod

Financiers also lured customers with real estate agencies and mortgage brokers. Due to the increasing price of the apartment, the yield of mortgage deals has grown considerably, and the risks of bankers actually declined since reduced the number of borrowers with low incomes. Now for loans mostly People come with stable income – above average. Those citizens who hoped to buy a home without a loan, after it became more expensive, have to go to the bank. The average loan amount for the 9 months of the year increased by 80-90%. For example, in Moscow, she has already exceeded $ 110 thousand in St. Petersburg – $ 65 thousand in Novgorod – $ 35 thousand The average monthly mortgage payments rose slightly less – about 70% due to lower interest rates and increase the life of the loan. A year ago, the majority of mortgage loans were taken for 5-7 years, now is not less than 10 years, since an increase in the period allows the borrower to reduce the average monthly mortgage payments. But in the end-borrower's account to pay for long-term loan by approximately 10% more than in short-term. In general, the situation risks bankers minimal. Even if the borrower can not repay the loan, the bankers did not doubt that without too much trouble profitable sell mortgaged apartment. This increase in profitability and minimum risk allows bankers to cut interest rates. For ruble loans, they fluctuate around 12% per annum, and on currency Loans are very close to 9% per annum.