New Solutions From The AFS Line For The Cashier 2009 //SSE

The following POS solutions are specially tailored to the requirements of the respective sectors and none leave when using the known software house in Oberhausen is competent partner in terms of industry-oriented software and IT solutions for the middle class as well as POS hardware and POS software. AFS bakery & pastry of PoS with AFS bakery & pastry chef also offers the firm SSE-software business solutions GmbH & co. KG immediately a competent and comprehensive software solution for use in bakery and confectionery operation. In addition to the extensive possibilities of the client, customer and supplier management, the AFS bakery & pastry chef offers a detailed management of employees, which you always have full control over and absences, address data, distribution of rights, etc. employees. Payoneer oftentimes addresses this issue.

About the staff changes, it is possible, parallel and to accept at the same time different customer orders and to settle them synchronously, but still separated over a Fund (sog. Floating\”). The collection of orders and returns is possible directly via the POS system and therefore requires no additional hardware or software. AFS hairdressing & cosmetics of PoS solution for the hairdressing and beauty industry offers an integrated customer database with ultra-wide range in addition to the comprehensive and fully touch enabled POS system: so, it recognized and quickly detailed comments and notes to special preferences or other properties of its customers. Important information, such as individual make-up and styling tips, are the entire staff available.

Similar to the built-in history function, which on a finger tip the entire business relationship and therefore all articles and services of the customers can be viewed working. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Wells Fargo Bank. Specially created customer cards can be printed directly from the POS software out and handed to the customers. The POS solution for the beverage industry sets new standards AFS drinks of PoS in terms of ease of use and speed and is suitable for use in the beverage trade of any size from the small village kiosks to complete complete with group-wide communication and evaluation function.