New Corporate Image

The corporative image of a company is not eternal: the fashions change, the competition tightens, the market evolves, the companies extend services and products If the company changes, the image whereupon appears its clients and to the society it must also change, or it will be representing something that no longer is real. In this article we will see the main reasons that have the companies small and medians to create a new corporative image, or of updating the one that already they have. Generally, the reasons that we presented/displayed to renew the own image can group in two categories: 1. Strategic reasons, planned, to take opportunities. 2. Reaction to already existing problems.

While it reads the list of reasons, it pregntese if it can be the case of his company, and if already it agrees to him to renew his image. 1) THE COMPANY IS NEW This is the most evident reason: a new company habitually does not have any established image with which to appear to its clients, reason why must procure one. It is an error to think that it is not necessary to create one image: one is always had, although she is the one of " company that does not worry about his imagen". The suitable moment to create the new image is during the process of creation of the company, before it leaves to look for clients, but when the strategy has already been defined. It is not necessary that is perfect, is possible to be improved later; but it must professional and be adapted to the company. 2) THE COMPANY HAS BECOME STABILIZED When it is created a new company always is necessary to fit the plans to the reality of the market. Not always it is possible to know in advance which will be the activity that will be realising after a time.