Managing Director

Thing value secured investment with State guarantee and Euro security Stuttgart, 27.02.2012. After successful placement of ten public investment funds, in about four years, the underwriter energy capital invest now offers the US oil and gas Fund XIII KG with a unique new system concept a wider investor audience. Last year the Stuttgart had already successfully placed a private placement with similar investment focus and conceptual design. The Fund invests in the region of Cook Inlet in Alaska and here again in the extraction of petroleum and natural gas. Due to his extraordinary energy situation, the State of Alaska Bohr-and exploration activity in previously unknown ways subsidized: In the Cook Inlet region drilling and exploration costs are subsidized in part with up to 100 per cent, to help ensure the basic provision of the inhabitants of the State oil and gas. In this particular case, Alaska has even legally laid down the subsidies. Above all the State subsidies for the Cost of exploration and development of the necessary infrastructure are prescribed, the free transfer of property rights, as well as the primary operation of the investors from the expected profits of the exploration and production in Alaska offer maximum security. To reflect the latest economic developments, also a euro hedge was provided.

The thirteenth participation is also a real short term. The US oil and gas Fund XIII KG should be resolved again to 31 December 2014. As already in the previous fund investors achieve tax-free profits of up to 14 percent per year in accordance with design, up on the reservation of progression, in Germany. The US oil and gas Fund XIII KG with a volume of 25 million euro equity fund is designed as a pure. 15,000 euros, plus five percent agio, investors can participate in oil and gas Fund XIII KG the US.

Again is also an early artist bonus of up to five percent nominal grant, which will be paid in September 2012 already. The maximum calculated profit percent 39 years in about 2 half. Also in the US oil and gas Fund XIII KG the energy capital invest has once more in advance and has the Fund indirectly beneficial part ownership of the exploration unit Alaska 2 “provided. “The necessary rights was notarized registered with the competent Courthouse” registered (comparable to the German land register Office for real estate). “Because of uncertainties about the future existence of the euro as the single currency in Europe, a protection of the investment in the amount of the investment amount of the raw materials is oil” and natural gas “admitted. In addition the fund capital is secured by the one-off subsidy system in Alaska to more than 50 percent, because the exploration costs 65 percent will be reimbursed with a roughly six-month trailing alone. But above all to make the outstanding results of the first hole out of the US oil and gas Fund XIII KG a unique and safe investment. So 13 eligible layers were identified at the first hole, which have a natural gas reserve of around 1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. With the US oil and gas Fund XIII KG, the energy capital invest realized a completely new and unique on the German equity market investment concept that itself indicates that in addition to attractive investment fundamentals, as a successful two-digit return immediately by several security aspects. “” “The determinants for investment high return” high security “offer no opposition so more”, says Kay Rieck as Managing Director of energy capital invest.