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Powerful network technology: printing, scanning, faxing, saving private users, as well as in small and home offices, economic and flexible solutions are required printing, scanning, storage and faxing. Together with the KD-2000 USB device server users can now use your Kodak all-in one printer on a wired Ethernet network, as its locally-connected. Printer, scanner, or other USB devices are selected within the network from one or more computers, started and controlled. The KD-2000 is one of the few USB device server that supports all features of a multi function device, such as printing, scanning, faxing, and save. Also, up to 10 other USB devices via optional USB hub can be connected such as digital cameras and storage media to the external server.

For security, the network server has an IP-filter function to protect of the data from unwanted access. If a network cable is undesirable, the SX 2000WG is +. USB device server also a wireless connection via WLAN (wireless local area network) here. The MFU EasyShare characterized 5500 and 5300 Kodak special printing costs. The inkjet 5300 with photocopying and scanning function works with the same typography as the 5500. It contains also a fax and an automatic batch feeder for the scanner. Together with the KD-2000 helps printing costs to minimize the EasyShare series of Kodak home users and work groups.

Also the ESP printer from Kodak show how little money documents and photos in high quality are printed, copied and scanned. Equipped with color display, memory cards and USB inputs, you can edit images directly on the device. All all-in one use a handy ink system printers from Kodak based on two cartridges and six inks. About Silex Technology Silex Technology is represented since the year 2000 with a subsidiary in Germany. The Silex Technology Europe GmbH is Meerbusch near Dusseldorf. The 1973 founded in the Japan company headquartered in Kyoto and Tokyo maintains more locations in China and the United States. Silex Technology, Inc. (JASDAQ: 6679) ranks among the leading manufacturers of interconnect products for wired and wireless networks. The product portfolio includes print, USB and serial Deviceserver, biometrics products and modular solutions. In addition to sophisticated technologies and products, the company offers comprehensive service and a free telephone, email and online support.