In Brazil

But always on behalf of the progress and of the expansion of the economy of the country Brazil has walked the wide steps for the extinguishing of the aboriginal peoples the example ' ' of Haiti, Cuba and Jamaica, where it does not exist remaining of the indians who there they lived, therefore they had been total dizimados' '. In the United States the indians are had as counted legends to the children through idealized engravings and caricaturizadas as ' ' great leader indgena' ' Seated bull, Sioux head assassinated in 1890 for North American federal troops. ' ' For the indians the settling meant the invasion and the occupation of its lands for foreign peoples, which, beyond provoking the physical elimination of the natives, had also been responsible for its destruction cultural.' ' (Petta, Ojeda. p, 70) In Brazil could not have been different, therefore the most illustrious citizens whom they appear in our history had been educated in European molds and for such they had constructed to its ideals of progress and expansion in a culture estereotipada with disrespect the culture of the native peoples and with destorcidas information and without knowledge of cause. Following the study of the expansion of the telegraphs of Marshal Cndido Rondon and the territorial expansion financed by the politics of ' ' order progresso' ' , it has that to observe itself that ' ' of the side of it are of the border of the Park of the Xing, it was the territory of the dispute between gauchos, goianos, natives of So Paulo and as much others that arrived with its dreams of a new Eldorado.Para they, to win age to the same transform the forest landscapes into monotonous fields of cattle and farming, carrying to the open pasture occupation model that its ancestor had applied in other regions of the country. .