ICH Behavior

There are basic associations closely resemble in many cultures which make up the collective element of the archetypal symbols (that is unconsciously associated by many or all people with an idea or a principle). System archetype is one of the American Peter M. Senge created term systemic description and representation of g enerischen structure n natural, vital systems, management often observable behavior patterns of people. As such illustrated pattern to make predictable each underlying dynamics understood and the learning effect possible consequences of certain actions. In particular, the dynamics of behavior patterns should be comprehensible to unwanted, or to avoid unintended impact of own actions. Character types: How am I (cultures)? In the psychoanalysis refers to a type of experience and behavior, as well as an individual pattern of dominant defenses from the ICH portion character superego I = it. The characters merge fluently, however, there is an accumulation of certain structural elements.

narcissistic character (early oral phase) dominant defenses: cleavage. Devaluation / idealization. Denial. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ben Silbermann. Projective identification. Experience and behavior: Inflated need of power and self-esteem, devaluation of others schizoid character < (early oral phase) prevailing Abwehrmechanisme n: sublimation. Rationalization. Intellectualization.

Affect insulation. Experience and behavior: need for distance, fear of close to depressive character (oral phase) dominant defenses: Auto-aggression. Re action education. Introjection. Experience and behavior: Depending on other people Ideas of inferiority and feelings, passivity. compulsive character (anal phase) dominant defenses: Re-action education. Rationalization, affect insulation. Experience and behavior: control need thrift. Stubbornness, accuracy. hysterical character (Oedipal / elektrale phase) dominant defenses: denial, displacement, conversion change. Experience and behavior: application need. sexualized behavior, fear of sexuality. Another character Psychoanalytical concept with explicit reference to the Freudian phase model has developed Erich Fromm.