Farewell Maiden Smoothly

Now that they begin bachelor parties Bachelorette and Bachelor Party, I want to talk a little from the experience I have in the Organization of such events, what to do and not do. Drives me initially to write this article, when they made us an engagement, often stresses us how badly that did the previous company they hired. I am not saying of course with this, that there is no good and serious companies and professionals in this sector, which is luckily. The first thing you have to keep in mind when hiring a boy, a drag queen or a female striper, of course is the price. Than normal, is you may need to move to your town, entails an economic cost, a time of displacement, which sometimes are several hours at night time and of course, the work of the action of the person, which is already wary of too low prices. The policy of some companies or people who are dedicated to this as an extra, consists of giving too low prices so that the customer says Yes and put together several jobs for the area. If this does not It happens, do not come more jobs in the area, are not presented, because that slope more go than what they are going to win and if on the contrary, they have released more work in the area, are presented when they do well and not to the agreed, always based on excuses such as that have punctured the car or something sothe truth is that you are no longer waiting, since everyone wants to after dinner and it is impossible to be in several places at the same time.

With this they have people waiting for several hours after dinner and ruining the party and night. Another thing to keep in mind, is normally to reserve the performance should be a signal to pay, this is done to avoid false calls and that a person incurs an offset and can be found on arrival that one no. NEVER do any payment, if the company or the person who asks you, previously not sent a documentation identifying yourself, that you may know to whom you are paying you and a contract detailing the concept of payment. This also occurs, since most of the companies and people, not delivered contract nor any document attesting that it has hired this service, whereupon, if they meet as well for all and if they fail, then nothing happens. Therefore, another thing to keep in mind is to deliver you a contract, you/you, possibility for a service that you must be like any other service. Thus, my advice is that you cojais companies that submit a logical price to what is this hiring, which you call a number, ask several budgets and thus do you an idea of what it costs to mount the event in your city, and elijais which more I bring safety, first a difference for example 50You will remain with the company that will deliver you a contract that assures you that you will meet and descarteis which offer a price too bargain and that you do not submit any written document that regulates what you are entering into.