The success of Facebook is hard to make out. The vision of the inventor of Facebook, Marx Zuckerberg, who is his platform all generations from all countries is a companion in old age. Whether this will satisfy, is more than questionable with safety in the fast-moving times and especially in the hectic world of the Internet. But still can be claimed without beating around the Bush, that there is no competitor at the moment, even remotely approaches on the strengths of Facebook and a candle this. Facebook provides a virtually infinite communication simply remains yet remains still to a large extent ensure an intimacy. Who really uses the platform and tells his chosen friends, only certain things, little can happen the.

The success of Facebook is still unbroken, therefore even if the handling of personal data by the company not always as well to identify and in some things can be described as very doubtful. Is Facebook too big? For Facebook, there are still some risks, the in come to the next time on the company and the platform. This is less a possible lack of the new generation of the Internet, but rather his own size. More and more urges in the circle of friends on Facebook of the employer and the parents of the young people and it is becoming increasingly difficult to refuse these requests. This may be easier with the parents, but who wants to push already his boss before the head. Especially in the United States, this process is already very far advanced and therefore critique of the user is there even louder, the this condemn is runway in power hierarchies in the network. Torsten Stieler