Environmental Food Safety .

Environmentally friendly products – one of the major problems of modern economies. In the current economic climate, many enterprises on processing of raw materials only began to improve technological processes for processing of raw materials. All this adversely affects the quality of food. To compensate for the risks and environmental safety of food products in industrialized countries have introduced a system Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points. This system allows for quality control in food products by the level of risk criteria. However, not only the manufacturing process needs to be tight control, the same applies to the processing and storage of food. Often it is the improper storage of food leads to the fact that they fall into the category of environmentally unsafe. Speaking in general about Environmental food safety, then it is about respect for the vital interests of environmental rights: a clean, healthy, favorable to life environment.

Environmental safety Food – a global problem, because not only affects human health, but affects the entire economy. Food quality affects the quality of life, social activity of human affects the demographic aspect of its existence. Therefore, to ensure a high level of human life in the state, the economy should be given to the environmental safety of food products increased attention. In modern conditions the person is less confidence in the quality of products. This is due to the deteriorating environmental conditions (high chemicalization and industrialization of production), and with gene modification of food and low quality control in food production. Therefore, the environmental safety of food products – a complex problem to solve which are designed as biochemists, microbiologists and manufacturers, sanitary-epidemiological service and, of course, the public authorities.