EBay Bargains

(Online article) – BayHunter 1.50: off immediately all over the world looking for eBay bargains who suchet, who finds. This applies especially on the online marketplace eBay, where millions often offers at the same time are set. The search offered by eBay is not necessarily optimized for speed, because the users in the evaluation of the search result must constantly jump from a Web-browser page to the other. The free aborange.de-software BayHunter therefore prefer performs the search in its own program window. By linking to the eBay API can be retrieved even in shortest time.

A prepared search mask can it formulate complex search queries within a very short time and pass on eBay. The user specifies not only a single search term, but can also a typo search enable, search only in certain categories, provide a from up price segment or set filter for the item condition, the type of auction, the seller type, the number of the existing bids and the date of the auction end. It is possible also to search only for actions that have free shipping, PayPal payment method or a location in your environment. BayHunter 1.50: now with international search the new version BayHunter 1.50 extends the search range by a decisive novelty: now the program can search not only local in eBay Germany, but also internationally write the manhunt. Developer Mathias Gerlach: “in this way it is possible to find even more auctions for a keyword match. That is the bargain opportunity to rise significantly. And rare things increases the chances, to land a hit at all.

” An example: A classic eBay.de search brings to “Mark Levinson” exactly 32 results (as of 6 March 2008). The BayHunter shows already 138 hits with the option “Germany article availability”. In a worldwide search, the yield rises to 182 article. It is managed at the BayHunter that results in a tabular format with lists in the program window. The views of the results is exactly particularly easy, especially since the results by clicking rearrange at any time settle – about after the rest period, the current bid price, or the buy it now price. If you are interested to submit double click to open the article data sheet directly in the Web browser. BayHunter 1.50: certified by eBay at BayHunter 1.50 is a certified eBay application, permanently free of charge which can be used. The software for Windows 9 x to Vista can be from aborange.de home page (www.aborange.de/ products/freeware/bayhunter.php) download (2.3 MB).