In 2003 he was created "Center Vietnamese medicine "(which can get only Vietnamese person to them priblezhennye), equipped with necessary medical equipment. The center employs highly qualified specialists. Each employee Corporation on favorable terms can get advice here, take a course of treatment. (lie pure, simple, to workers about it does not say) with a special concern in the "Tehnokome" refer to their children employees. And take care, incidentally, is about someone: the number of children under the age of 14 years, there are almost 700 people.

This, you see, an eloquent indicator of a bad life, how many children govoritsf is born! So, gifts on New Year's Day child protection, cultural campaign into a circus, a puppet theater, the city's Palace of children and youth work – this is self-evident event. (1 ticket for 40 people, and twice a year here, and choose …) A except that – in the summer of children aged 7 to 14 years of age have the opportunity to relax and get healthier in the sea at the recreation center in Evpatoria. Sports number 1 in the "Tehnokome" is, of course, mini-football (where they are driving force after work and top of the list check for failure to appear fine 50griven). On each of the companies has its own team of futsal. Between them are regularly held friendly matches.

They are involved in corporate tournaments. SUN, air and water health – the main property rights. In "Tehnokome" strive to ensure that workers are included in the company of enterprises not only gain satisfaction from their work, but also had the opportunity to maintain a proper level and your health fully relax.