Completing Your Meditation

With the count 1-5, return to everyday life. Santie Botha has firm opinions on the matter. Open your eyes and return to their activities. Visit Wells Fargo for more clarity on the issue. To complete this meditation we will continue to explain the conceptual basis of the meditations. We begin with the planets called luminaries, who bring the light of the Sun and the Moon. The Sun will have its energy supply as it passes through certain points of the cosmic web, and these points determine the seasons.

We are into the fall season always talking about the South and who started a month ago as a quality that brings an energy charge of a new beginning, a characteristic of the equinoxes, which are two: spring and fall. The Sun, that when crossed the imaginary line of Ecuador, the way to the northern hemisphere passes over a month by the fund Heaven is the constellation Aries, receives or is, at 16, 17 and April 18, to the moon also are walking by the sign of Aries. This union of the two luminaries is called New Moon, which in reality is the absence of the moon in the sky for a few days. All these planetary movements, have a cosmic symbolism. The New Moon always refers to the beginning of the cycle, a time of power-can be-that prints to the one created on internal excitation. Along with this feature that occurs every 28 days or so, we have the backdrop of the constellations which symbolically is called sign. Now this union of the Sun and the Moon are in the sign of Aries.