The Emotional

You can see through the emotions rather than reason, think. eg: as thou art with low self-esteem think that nobody appreciates you. as you’re negative, you see what you want to see, or all evil. EJ. If it rains or the sun comes out and makes heat you always see it negative.

in which more training is what creates your habits. so if you’re long living emotional violence and does not operate to stop it, you will become normal to live like that, and you sink you more each day. When your mind is driven by emotions, and these are negativasconsecuencia living in violence for a long time and decide to leave, you will surely be very difficult detect the opportunity to overcome this violence you must invest in yourself, begins to talk in positive, say you and your inner self will be reborn, will change and you will see from another perspective, more optimisma situationslooking for and finding a way to overcome the emotional violence in your partner. I recommend that you follow these steps: breaks with the rotulos.todos that you dismissed in your life coupled with the continued disqualification of your partner, it makes you look without capacity to succeed. Breaks with negative images of yourself, don’t you look weak, only looks at your strengths because if the you have! You trust in it, your potential. You have skill, you have desire and can dominate you! because you must handle the circumstances, problems, and not that you handle it. Just remember the achievements, the times that you had problems and overcome them.

Say you inwardly. just remember the words of value, encouragement, praise, etc that you have received in your life, repeat them and recorded in your mind and your spirit in these determinations, insists and they root. You must give value to the positive things. You must discard everything negative, what consume you your energy and you sinking you should dispose of it. Nurture yourself, focus on the positive. Rebuild your self-esteem, and that is unbreakable, you’re the first person who should love, valued, affirmed and feel secure itself. You can do it! Don’t drag by psychological, emotional violence. DON’T think I want such a thing, but I’m going to see if it gives me permission not! think I want such a thing, I myself motivated me and give me value for do achieve it such if you start from today to put these tips into practice? , step by step, and even if you cost a little at the beginning, go ahead! You must recover and bring out your true I internal and regain your self-esteem! Original author and source of the article