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Total Quality Management

It’s no surprise that within the organizational culture of companies fully identified with a competitive role, the issue of total quality is taken into account as a guarantee of participation in the existing markets. However, it is very unfortunate for the Venezuelan case that concerns us, that many companies, especially its SMEs still do not pay due attention, seriously affecting their development, retention and winning markets. He did not pay attention to what represents the scope of quality, is a major obstacle for the company, just a few years ago began to disclose which represents the total quality graduate programs appear to provide such knowledge to encourage companies to dabble in it and once and for all make use of its benefits, leading to a new culture of quality, which requires preparation training, well-defined production processes that ensure quality through defining the productivity indices required. Through research conducted by Specialty Program Graduate Quality Management and Productivity of Faces, University of Carabobo, has given the lack of interest and ignorance of many managements, particularly SMEs, which represents the quality in this, which has represented development, participation of enterprises in the current scenarios. In order to provide a solution to this reality, there are workshops, seminars (often free in commercials promoting the role of total quality in the present). It provided the general knowledge that are required so that quality is implemented and are invited to familiar with the basic tools that demand total quality for your application, as well. as has the support of their teachers, each identified by their specialty. .