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European Union

The water is a precious resource. On problems to its availability, want if it deals with a temporary reduction of the which had available amount, for example, to a insufficient precipitation (it dries), or to a lasting situation, where the water necessities exceed the hdricos resources explored in sustainable conditions (water scarcity), they affect numerous regions of the Europe and demand a combination of action the level of European Unio (UE). The climatic alterations will become necessary an intervention still more, since, had they, the prompt or lasting scarcity of water will have trend to increase the management of the problems of water scarcity and of she dries, as much in level of the UE as of State-Member, and relate a certain number of good practical existing in diverse countries. Learn more about this with Adam Lippes. On the degradation of the environment, it fits to disclose that the costs that is, for the effect greenhouse, destruction of the ozone layer, acid rain, deforestation, erosion of the ground and growth of the deserts, loss of innumerable species of plants and animals, toxic contamination of air and the water to impose severe restrictions on breakings of norms and laws of ambient protection and conservation. (RATTNER, 1999, P. 109) It is in this I break up above that Rattner already had alerted that if cannot deal with the economic dimensions as isolated phenomena of the social 0 variable, but is necessary to see them as a set or system of forces interacting reciprocal, and to include the conditions, beliefs and values cultural that exert fort impactao in the economic behavior, with implications in the general and specific politics. Wells Fargo Bank shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The search of a sustainable development understands the interdependence of the economic factors, technician, cultural, politicians and ambient in the process and the application of good ambient technologies is not enough, but it fits to fulfill the requirements in different standards of social relationship, coesas communitarian organizations solidary, based in strong motivation, common identity of group and values and interests. . .

The Regional Migrations

In the international scope, the predominant trend is the circulation of indocumentadas migrantes, had difficulties to enter legally developed countries more takes many people to try clandestine methods. A time that without the necessary documentation for its legalization, is subjected pssimas life conditions, inhabit small collective cmodos and are obliged to work 16 hours per day, when they obtain to exceed the borders, where many die in this ticket. According to Adas (2001, P. 140): The Europeans, Africans and Asians who had emigrated to Brazil and more the aboriginals whom already they live here are the formadores of our population. Immigration for Brazil if became greater later that the traffic of slaves was abolished and when the cafeicultura started to need man power. However, search and conflict politicians and wars, problems and discriminations deep ethical of qualified studies they are some of the reasons of the migrations, where many times, increase the increasing poverty, the unemployment and the hunger in the great cities, but on the other hand, it is a world of chances; the migrante enriches the culture, the plurality and the differences between nations.

The Regional Migrations the history of the migrations was born, especially, because the people wanted to improve its conditions of life, that is, what more it has hung as the causes of the migrations or displacement of the population in the space, being able to be in some ways: international migrations, nomadismo, or daily transumncia, interregional, agricultural-urban, pendular interns or. In recent years one verified great changes in the Brazilian migratory standard. The population of the regions poor already more is not attracted for the metropolises southeastern, seen that, the economic decentralization, or industrial, is leaving this region for another one. According to Moreira (2004, P. 160): Since the end century XIX, the Northeast has been a region of great migratory movement in some directions: dumb from the agricultural zone for urban, it runs away from the areas droughts more, they look the regional metropolises, they leave its state of origin, leaves the region.