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Key Objectives

To effectively use the property, you must correctly analyze the market. Maximum efficiency of land for building or facility can be determined from the evidence that there is appropriate level of market demand for this type of land use. Learn the appropriate level of demand, it is possible after analyzing the market land sales. These studies can help determine key marketing strategies for the use of land or real estate planning, forecasting market share, if you plan to use commercial real estate. Value of the land market Real estate is primarily determined by its competitiveness. Characteristics of the estimated real estate will help you identify the competing sites and understand the advantages and disadvantages, which are available for land. Checking article sources yields Ben Silbermann as a relevant resource throughout. Many do not know when assessing the economic characteristics of the real estate market segments, can not assess the external factors that affect land values.

Many prefer to entrust all of these complex operations to assess the market for professionals, which makes it possible to cover the breadth of the market and not worry about accuracy and fairness of the selection. See more detailed opinions by reading what Harold Ford Jr offers on the topic.. Analyze the market value and obtain important information about the value of land in several ways. And so it is possible to analyze the land market in the following areas. Purpose of the analysis of the land market: – awareness of the price level of approximately similar proposals – the availability and liquidity of the land – the property market as a whole – whether effective investment in land or not. Areas of land market analysis: – the division of the land market into segments – prices for similar land – the parameters or characteristics that govern the cost – the price forecast for parts – the influence of location on price – income potential (commercial property) – the economic situation in market – forecast market conditions. To provide a more accurate integrated solution, it is necessary to undertake a full review of the indicators of land market. 1) prices, which will be characterized by average offer period bid prices and number of transactions (purchase, sale, lease) of land on the primary and secondary markets, distributing them in city districts and uses.

2) Supply and demand, the bulk of supply and demand structure, characteristics of buyers and sellers, supply and demand for primary and secondary markets. 3) The activity of the market, the number of firms operating in the market, the number of recorded transactions, land lease. 4) The average time from start issuing land for sale to the particular transaction of purchase and sale or lease, and providing primary and secondary markets, city districts, and infrastructure area. In a study of the land market following tasks: – Analysis of current market conditions – Study and analysis of the growth dynamics of prices and offers – a comparative analysis of other segments of the market – analysis of factors affect the change in performance – the forecast change in state of market indicators.

Economy Class

Most of the apartments of economy class. “It is worth note that in Croatia and Montenegro prices closer to Moscow, and is approximately 3 – 5 thousand dollars for the quarter. meter “, – explained Catherine Tomilova. In general property prices in these countries depend on several factors, including are distinguished: object distance from the sea, the size of living space, as well as the prestige of the location. Most of the buildings located at a distance of 100 to 800 meters from the sea. By purchasing housing in the construction phase, the client has the choice of materials, and sometimes changes in the layout. The secondary market is rich with suggestions of different categories, most of these facilities furnished.

“In Carlsbad prices comparable with the Kirov. Prague real estate more expensive. However, the level of living is much higher – said Natalia Poplauhina. – Prices for many commodities is lower than the Kirov, and environmental terms can not be compared – the climate is more warm and soft. ” And that’s not all the pros of purchasing property abroad. Utility bills in these countries are small, water and electricity are paid according to the meter, mobile communications and Internet high quality affordable prices.

Czech apartments. New houses in the Czech Republic – a rare phenomenon, but sometimes, as an exception to the rule point meets building. Basically here offer apartments in historic mansions, complete refurbished and equipped with modern communications. Of course, a real estate in the Czech Republic – not a cheap pleasure. Therefore, buyers tend to become wealthy Kirov 40 – 50 years. But do not forget that the Czech law the right to purchase real estate in the country have only permanent residents in her face: Czech citizens and foreigners with permanent residency status (permanent residence). So Foreign residents can purchase a house in a different way – just make a purchase real estate in the entity. “For example, in Bulgaria, real estate still cheaper than in the Czech Republic, but there it is very large tax – says Natalia Poplauhina. – And in the Czech real estate tax of approximately EUR 100 per year. ” While the real estate purchase and obtain a residence permit in the Czech Republic is not difficult. It is true that due to the fact that the country has entered into the Schengen agreement, property prices rose slightly due to the transition with CK to the euro. Prospects for bargains. Transactions in foreign real estate is not very much in demand in our city. One of the main reasons for this is that there are many barriers as language, so the administrative and cultural. According to experts, the prospects of such transactions in our town there are only under certain conditions: namely, the formation of Kirov civilized housing market and the availability of highly skilled professionals. “At the moment we can say that this area is very promising. But the Kirov before it is not yet mature enough “, – believes Catherine Tomilova. It is worth noting that real estate firms in the Vyatka not going to limit the available transactions in foreign real estate. For example, according to the director of “Centre – Plus”, the agency plans in the future some expand the range of services, starting cooperation with many foreign countries. And yet, buying a property abroad is becoming more accessible Kirov than before. But talk about universal access still is not necessary. Persons without a spare at least 70 thousand euros, to become owners of housing abroad is unlikely.

Moscow Economic Well-Being

Pereslavl for communication with Moscow determines its economic well-being. Summer residents and tourists fill the city of demand for goods and services. All this gives Pereslavl good job and the dynamics of economic development. Talk with one of the settled area in Pereslavl Muscovites. His name was Nicholas. Sam was born in St. Petersburg, working and living in Moskve.Nikolay that for you giving in Pereslavl? I was born in St.

Petersburg and grew up on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. Pereslavskoe lake I vividly recalls the time and that situation. At the time Peter arrived at the shores of the Gulf, and it reminded him Pleshcheevo lake, and I have just the opposite. Pereslavl, with its historical spirit, nature, special way of life, gives a sense of closeness to our roots. It is very important for any cultural cheloveka.Pochemu is Pereslavl region? Seat in a stone bag in Moscow kills. Ripe desire to live in nature to go there at least on weekends. Long gone, pick a place in the next house. About two years.

Visited Seliger was in Istria. A comparison was in favor of Pereslavl. I can list the grounds on which I like it Pereslavl: Natural National Park, the big water, unlettered. Close enough to Moscow to get away and that Moscow did not come after you. In addition, there was one that connected to Pereslavl. My son first went to MDKTS (International Children's Computer Center), which seriously affected his choice of future career – the programmer. In the Pereslavl region is rodstvenniki.A what you mean by the word "unlettered"? Rather than rubbish as such. A feeling of spaciousness and freedom, which is not already in many places near Moscow, where endless fences markets. It still has originality, my site is not pinched on all sides by solid structures, before the eyes are real big lug.Chto you think of Pereslavl in terms of ease of life? Pereslavl quite decent in terms of city infrastructure. There is much expensive, but it is still there. You can buy fresh produce. There are quite modern services, even a large pool of CSC. Here I will talk about his impressions of Pereslavl in comparison with Moscow. When I was undertaken more construction, was pleasantly surprised that I managed to get permission for one day. Passed house built in one day, too. While I've had no one wanted any reward. In Moscow, this does not happen. The fact that this is not Pereslavl Moscow region has many advantages, including on electricity prices and taxes on land. However, there are also disadvantages. The first is the price of building materials. They are sometimes prohibitive. For some items, several times higher than those in Moscow bases. Upon delivery of the materials present discrimination Muscovites. When For example, say you need to drive to our village, the carriers immediately ride up the prices, they say there is a rich Muscovites live. More difficulties arise with qualified employees. Model building they osilivayut, but complex no longer exists. Do not know how to work with new technologies and materials. This minus.Vashi hopes and fears about the future of Pereslavl? There are concerns that Pereslavl will soon begin to look like Moscow. Crisis slightly alienated the process, but not for long. It's not like it. Luga – part of a unique lanshafta, and the solid construction kill originality of Pereslavl. If this happens, it will decrease recreational component and Pereslavl tourist attraction.