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Corporate Strategies Training

Strategy & personality to success on 27 June 08 at Hotel triad in Kaltenkirchen the experience Conference strategy and personality to the success “takes place. It is aimed at medium-sized entrepreneurs and executives of from different industries. In terms of content, the participants and experts deal with corporate strategies. In addition to the development of strategies, it is primary and their implementation. The term experience Conference has chosen the Organizer, because leadership training are integrated into the programme of the Conference and expected 30-50 participants are actively involved. This concept promotes not only the dialogue among the participants, in particular, it supports the personal learning success of the single.

“, so Jorg Ristau by the CrewCoaching Clubacademy, the organizer of the meeting.” The CrewCoaching Clubacademy is a network of trainers and an event platform to the personality-oriented training. Focus on CrewCoaching offers team training and event to lead teams since 2006. The network currently consists of 15 providers and supplemented as needed. The idea is through the combination of different providers to synergies can use and generate so attractive offers for companies. The meeting consists of a lecture and discussion section on 27 June 08 in two parts in the morning and a range of three parallel leadership training in the afternoon. Could include more than a performance measurement system, my balanced scorecard, Pocket Guide as speakers Dr. Walter Schmidt, author of the bestseller balanced scorecard – balanced scorecard and the Hamburger business Theatre katabatic winds can be won.

Trainings are offered in the afternoon by trainers from the CrewCoaching network. Following training be carried out in the individual: “Communication behavior know and use,” coach: Nils Engelhard, NJE training, “the alpha leader: authentic lead”, coach: Wolfgang Bacolod, W & H Bacolod GmbH and “Talent analysis as a basis for strategic work,” trainer: Jorg Ristau, Carivendo. Get registration until May 28, 2008 Participants a discount. The program, as well as the registration documents, see author: Meike Heidorn v. Helen