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Helping Aggressive Teenagers

More recently, an obedient child suddenly becomes touchy, irritable, aggressive, in his words erupt rudeness and anger. It is with these manifestations often starts maturing. Parents do not know how to react to Similar tricks teenager: he is angry, talk back, offended at every remark in his address. Or, conversely, acts deliberately calm, showing, in general, uncharacteristic tardiness, forgetfulness, inability to bring follow through, which is an expression of latent aggression aimed at what to get you out of balance. And why the teenager does so, he did not know. In modern psychology it is proved that the baby is born evil or good, humble or boastful, aggressive or friendly. All these qualities are formed in him in the development process, mainly influenced by the environment in which it grows. In early adolescence a small burst of aggression – a normal phenomenon associated with psychological features of menopause.

And most of all, it is caused by feelings of internal discomfort. This inner tension is just finds a solution in flashes of aggression. But gradually (within 5-6 years) a teenager learns to master his emotions and become more balanced. The situation is aggravated by adverse circumstances in the family, where there is strife and discord. They enhance the psychological instability teenager is formed in him a feeling of guilt, anxiety, insecurity. Lack of internal support leads to outbreaks of aggression did not disappear along with the problems puberty. Aggressiveness increasingly grows, it becomes 'malignant', by definition, a famous psychoanalyst Erich Fromm, and as a result of society gets another entity that has a predisposition to violence to cause harm to others.


Why always have bad luck?, bad things always go to me, this always happens to me, by me? or as says the song if I didn’t have bad luck, would have no luck at all. Why some of us seem to be perpetually cursed of and others seem to have all the pieces in place? Those who have the bad luck fighting for life, while those who have good luck flying through life. What does these two groups differ? The interesting thing is that those who think bad luck happens by them see it as an external source, as the ancient myths of the Norns, fates, or the Moira there are supernatural beings who run this bad luck from them. But the truth is that you can change your bad luck. Once I was one of those people who always thought have bad luck, I believe it fully, if I had to take a bus, the bus arrived 10 minutes early so I have to wait for the next, which always came later. If I was going to a ride seemed I’d get every red traffic light, just seemed to me that everything that could happen I would do poorly. He was angry and frustrated much of the day, as you can imagine.

Then I met some new friends and I began to teach a new way of looking at life and solve my problems. They taught me that I could take control of my life and could choose how to react to any situation. That was the first step, find out that there was not any kind of supernatural being or a path traced by God that I was following. I was who would take control of my life. Do depends of my having good or bad luck? Is bad luck a fact that cannot be controlled? You’ve changed your bad luck for good luck? Original author and source of the article