Talking about the crisis and discounts are now being discussed in virtually all media, even in children's magazines write, how to save, inflating the small bubbles from bubble gum instead of big. However, we all understand that you need to save. But as save money on clothes? After all, clothing for the Russians is one of the major spending categories. Did not want to be, so we save on brands. Social network for shopping introduces all shopaholics and ordinary consumers with a history of almost any brand.

But knowing the history of the most znametyh brands and trademarks, we can easily make the right choice. But, sazhaleniyu, one story and not enough big names to buy fashionable clothes. Any avid shopaholic wants to know how to save money on clothes and where to buy fashion brands at a bargain price. To buy fashion and famous name-brand stuff, not necessarily spend a lot of money. …

But saving is not worth. Too low price for a popular brand name may cause some buyers suspicion and doubt as this brand. To dispel all doubts, July 31 company conducted a study and found out where you can buy discount fashionable and famous brands. In this paper, we have identified such brands as Adidas and Nike. This company, which for the time of its existence, bought their fans. The company Adidas (Adidas) produces one of the most best athletic shoes. And is the second largest athletic footwear companies in the market. For over 80 years, Adidas is the symbol of success in the sports world. Nike is releasing athletic footwear, apparel and equipment. In Leaders of the world industry shoes Nike has brought the fact that production has introduced a new feature. Soles of shoes designed in such a way that it looked like a waffle iron, and gave a lightness in his gait.