NGO Service

There have always been generous people who have worried about the others by religious, political or altruistic reasons. But the sociological phenomenon of the social voluntary military service, moved by the passion by justice and the compassion transformed into commitment is a phenomenon that began three decades ago. After this time there are signs of the dangers that the generosity of the volunteers runs: political parties, governments, sects and I interest enterprise. When the candidate arrives at a NGO cannot be put to him to work immediately with the patients or the children, in the jails or any other service without a suitable formation. The final responsibility of any error and the good march is the organization. As he is not governmental and one develops in the sphere of the civil society is in force by his norms, approved in agreement with the effective legislation. The protagonist of the social action of the voluntary military service is neither the organization nor the volunteer.

He is the marginalized one, the excluded one, that suffers the injustice. Or solidarity is an answer before an unjust inequality or it can derive in mere compassion or charity. Or a substitute that emponzoa the wound and becomes accomplice of the people in charge of that unjust situation. The candidate to volunteer must choose the association that better go with its preferences and capacities, and that one has the obligation to select to the most suitable candidates for the tasks of the own voluntary military service of that organization. It is false that any person must right to enter any organization. And dangerous. It is not necessary more to read the legislation that regulates the social voluntary military service. The volunteer must feel to taste cooperating physically and economically, in agreement with his possibilities, within the association has admitted that it, it has formed that it and helped in its tasks of voluntary military service, with a conduct in agreement with the principles of the NGO.