Ltd Registration

Articles devoted to the registration of the llc, as a basic and familiar to many organizational and legal form of legal entity, with enviable frequency appear in many media. However, as a rule, tips on “How to register a company. ” The authors of these articles are often far removed from the register of enterprises, which leads to the dilution of such articles is very questionable recommendations. Nevertheless, the majority of organizations registered under aid of hired professionals (usually a firm specializing exclusively in the registration of legal entities (hereinafter “the Registrar”). It is believed that the registration of company – a simple and uncomplicated operation. Often, however, have to see how reputable businessmen accompanied by their legal professionals are in the queue for the decision to refuse registration, which gives mifns 46 of Moscow. As the saying goes – “the home”. In any case, the registration of business in Moscow are very popular, and most organizations are created by law firms.

Specifics of the work of such organizations, usually based on the principle of maquila work, which often means the absence of an individual approach to the customer, but that does not mean that the best option is registration Ltd. on its own. In addition, the cost of the services of registrars is relatively low (Moscow 6-8 thousand rubles). Should just follow some tips: Tip One: The solidity of the registrar. Most likely, the quality of services is not affected. Yes, and sites of all registrars replete with phrases like “many years of experience, “Individual approach”, “best solution”, etc.