Joachim Palm Projects

Without equity in the rule 15prozent 20, there is no funding. Many companies and investors need loans to their projects, to be able to finance investment projects. On the one hand there are the classic Bank on the other hand could come the various funding programmes in question. Alone in the field of energy and energy efficiency, there are about 180 different programmes. The public banks of the States and the Federal Government can also provide discounted interest and liability-supporting loan available. For a growing financial needs, there are many examples. For example, the energy sector. The “energy revolution” has arrived in the German society.

Many private and commercial investors want to invest their money in such promising projects. “Project companies” are often used in projects in the field of renewable energies. A completed CHP, a biodiesel plant, a wind park, etc. as an independent is an investor/buyer “project company” offered for sale. Typically funded the investor/buyer such a project. So the investment also pays off, a reasonable rate of interest is crucial, especially in these projects because from the charges levied by the feed-in tariffs are to cover all costs and income should be also displayed. Not only the energy sector can rely on funding programmes, every SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) or investor – ranging from the entrepreneurs to the established companies, which plans investments – can get discounted interest and liability-supporting loans by public financial institutions, if the conditions are met.

Such projects at interesting rates can be financed through different financial instruments. Here, the creditworthiness plays a decisive role. Just in terms of the rating, the financing is turned off. Do you mean: = good rating to low interest credit * = bad rating no credit or credit at high interest rates without equity typically 15%-20%, there is no Financing. Lack of equity that does not necessarily mean the task of the planned project. The American venture capital financed with equity financial group BAFICO worldwide corporate and business transactions. This BAFICO provides additional liable equity capital in the form of risk capital (venture capital) such company/investors/buyers, should lack equity. For more information see this site: suna said maslin. Even more: About the BAFICO partner the entire process can be performed. The application and rating to credit payment. BAFICO provides the required equity capital and the partner takes over the complete processing in Germany. It’s not easier! Those interested can register at BAFICO by them in the website ( under contact with the note: “complete execution of financing desired” enter.