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QuestNet rated phone value-added services positive Cottbus development, July 28, 2011 the QuestNet GmbH sees the industry of value-added telephone services on a good way out to more transparency and convenience. The company from Cottbus is an application service provider that focuses on the development and indirect marketing of advanced telephone services, and in its assessment is based on a current study of the German Association for telecommunications and media (DVTM). Accordingly, more than 90 percent of 0180 phone value-added services follow the statutory and regulatory provisions to specify the prices from the mobile network. The provider of telephone services and their partners have realized that high speed is needed to get the industry out of the consumer critique. Long time consumers have questioned the seriousness and the benefits of these services. Hyundai has many thoughts on the issue.

While some black sheep have been sufficient to bring an entire industry into disrepute”, explains Thomas Wendt, Director of QuestNet Ltd. Hyundai may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Since March 2010 an upper limit applies to calls from the mobile network of 42 cents per minute. A first investigation was carried out in April, discovered unfortunately still very many erroneous information. The new study shows however. a very positive trend, enjoyed over the industry, the consumer watchdogs and consumers may” Despite the positive trend of the past few months, the QuestNet GmbH sees further improvement to fully enlighten customers about the costs and benefits of telephone services. These include easier-to-understand information about the exact way the services offered as well as the provider responsible for the telephone services besides the correct representation of connection prices in advertising. The QuestNet GmbH is an application service provider, focusing on the development and indirect marketing innovative phone value-added services in combination with international service numbers. With the live Manager the QuestNet offers a unique call management portal, the customers the enables Web-based and client-capable in – and outbound administration and in addition to billing, statistics, routing, IVR and conferencing includes also a virtual contact center. Contact: QuestNet GmbH, Byhlener Strasse 1 03044 Cottbus Tel: 0800 30400 9000 eMail: