Enterprise Management

Of the owner of the market, the land, the neighbor We have the trend to find that never we are guilty for this or that e, when does not exist one ' ' culprit palpvel' ' (owner of the market, neighbor, friends.) we place the guilt in ' ' indefensvel' '. Generally, government, company and God! He is this same. God. He was God who wanted or he did not want thus. Rare we take the reins of our destination and say: I errei. I must have done of this or in that way and I did not make.

E now? Now? It talks with who knows that you better as to decide the problem. It decided? Perfect. It raises the head, it learns with your errors and it follows the life. Another trend is ' ' he is not with me ' '. For diverse times I was the companies to ask, to question, to complain of something and was received with the celebrity ' ' not he is with me ' '.

Everything that says respect your company and to your customer is WITH YOU YES. The responsibility calls pra itself before the customer. It decides the problem of it. It has taken it until who can decide. If it will not have, really, a solution, makes, gentile, educated e, mainly professionally the customer to understand the impossibility to take care of it., Is certain that the customer will leave ITS company thanked for having been taken care of well and &#039 will not be felt plus one; ' vitima' ' of a company. Nobody more than to you yourselves does not impute the responsibility of your success to. You only can bring the happiness until you. Nobody more. eloysouza@ eloysouza.com.br Eloy Ribeiro de Souza, is Administrator of Companies and after graduated Enterprise Management and Methodology of Superior Ensino, beyond diverse complementary courses in such a way in Brazil how much in the exterior. Palestrante, poliglota, with experience of more than 20 years in foreign commerce, what it made possible to it, the routine convivncia with many cultures, and, for consequncia, to know personal and professional positions that, today, are subjects of its lectures for all Brazil.