Cheap Flights

Not bad. If you’re extremely rich, I would stop reading here. Total, 1000 Euros more or less you will not import much, truth? For the rest of us do our best to get you the most out of our money earned with much sweat, and we have the same right as any other travel to New Zealand to discover this natural paradise, when choose flights to New Zealand is an experience not suitable for individuals with heart problems. And is that the impact of seeing flights than in general not fall of the 1400 Euros once taxes are added several and extras is brutal. 1400 Euros? Many people do not even succeed in winning this on a single salary! We see as much if we look at it on our own as if we ask specialized agencies, numbers always end up prowling this figure, and this we are talking about the famous tourist class, the supposedly cheaper! And it is then when we see certain anomalies. Our colleague from the United Kingdom tells us that he went to New Zealand for 500 Euros.

A few French friends tell us that they were for 600 Euros. Something It smells bad. Too bad. That is happening? Very simple. New Zealand is a very recent market for Spain, only 10,000 Spaniards traveled to the year towards the country and very few agencies are truly specialized though on their pages they report otherwise. Because I will tell you something, find cheap flights to New Zealand from Spain is possible, but you have to know to look for them. First and foremost, 2 notes: 1.

never find them on the web page of an airline or calling her. 2. Never find them in typical search engines such as Opodo, Expedia, Edream, etc. 3. You will never find them in a conventional agency since they go to a 10-15% Commission with what interests them charge a relatively high price to bring more of your skilled workers savings! Where then? Well, given my position, I have to say that this is confidential information, although if you can advance to the cheap flights to New Zealand are always in smaller agencies, called in English Travel Consolidators that are dedicated to buying flights in bargain packs to the airlines. These are removed a few seats over coup earning a bit of money and the burden falls on these small agencies to try to sell them and make a small profit. Low-cost, for example, often find flights from 550 Euros approximately in our agency. With a little flexibility, this is usually pretty easy to get. In the worst cases, the flights could rub 1000 Euros, but never terrible 1400 Euros that are usually loaded by this route. I will end by saying just that, as always I like point out, New Zealand is for everyone, not just those who have lots of money. Every lover of nature has the opportunity to discover this paradise. And if the cheap flights to New Zealand from Spain are not fiction, they are a reality that every day is closest of all. Just open your eyes.