There are a large number of plants which will be very minutes to place them in our garden taking into account water savings. The first thing we have to differentiate the climate of our plantation area, all we like the bougainvillea, but cannot withstand cold temperatures. Therefore we will distinguish different situations or climates: 1. climate Atlantic by Atlantic climate interpret those places where minimum temperatures are low but rarely rozan zero degrees, but on the contrary the maxims are not normally very high. Rainfall is also an interesting factor to keep in mind, these rainfall areas are widespread, and the problem of drought remains in a second paragraph. Learn more about this with Ruth Porat. Therefore we can refine your Atlantic climate zone in the northern part of the peninsula. In these areas I recommend be somewhat cautious and over all not thinking that there never lacks water, taking appropriate measures to prevent wastage. In this very special year in Galicia are going very wrong not only by the fires but because the rain not makes its appearance.

Most interesting measures are the use of drip irrigation in gardens and sprinklers or diffusers with programmers for the lawn. What we must never do is watering with hoses use since water wastage is considerable. If we’re watering a hedge with hose, for example, and while that is irrigated decided to do another job very probably forget us post the time it takes the hose by pouring water our plants, you will not only have a problem when it comes to the amount of water provided, but will be more serious insurance since our plants will have an excess of water unnecessary. We normally plant the same plants that we plant today, for these areas tend towards: * camellias * rhododendrons * Azaleas * Agapanthus * Buganvillas, varieties * Caryopteris * Ceanathus * and a large number of them.