Acer Aspire

One of them was to archiving by the application of WinRAR 3.71 sufficiently large file size of 1.36 GB. The second was in the film (1.36 GB, resolution – 672 272, Audio – 448 kb / s Video – 1582 kb / s, 25 frames / s), first on-screen Acer Aspire (with the backup took place in the background) and then on external monitors. The device was also tested for strength in the gaming environment, and for this purpose, we once again pleased to have played in Plants vs Zombie – now a popular casual toy. Average speed of a built-in archiving calculated WinRAR 3.71 benchmark. In addition, the recorded real time, which held up the backup process. Based on these results we can conclude that: the distribution of computing resources is such that priority is given to the first multi-media tasks, and execution speed "Minor" problems is significantly reduced.

This decline is particularly noticeable during the game – speed archiving reduced almost by half. A similar picture is observed during the application to convert video and VirtualDub simultaneous viewing of a video game or entertainment. As in the previous test problems with displaying video sequence does not have any, but the conversion process, by contrast, is more leisurely. In addition to the semi- tests, we tried other options for the characteristic load distribution between netbook and monitor. These include work with office documents and Web surfing; services for instant messaging (ICQ) and show videos, etc. In all cases, any noticeable disruption of applications were found, and the rate of activation programs in the eyes practically no different from the usual. As a result, conclusions based on a series of tests can be make several conclusions. Easy connection to external display netbook in no way affects its performance, regardless of the resolution matrix of the latter. With the simultaneous processing two processes, priority is given to the direction of multimedia, with some damage to the process of conversion or archiving files. Parallel running office applications does not lead to any noticeable drop in speed of the device. Some of these theses may seem obvious for the technically savvy group of users, but we believe that there is and many of those people for whom this information will be very useful and may even dispel some prejudices about the scope of this class of portable computers.