Women Executive

The Executive woman generally has a recharged daily schedule of commitments, is one that has to make decisions for the good operation of your own business or company, delegated responsibilities, etc. It is for them that you must look always impeccable and sober both in clothes and makeup, to make the image that projects commensurate with their desempenoy highlight as well the beauty of a woman with style. In this opportunity we present some tips to improve the Executive look of the modern woman, with the security that will make you look flawless all day. Takes note of the step by step: 1. you must bear in mind that the most important thing for a skin look radiant, is a perfect cleaning.

At night remove all make-up from the face and clean it thoroughly before bedtime. 2 In the morning, after your exercise with the skin clean and after tone and moisturize your face, apply a foundation that helps to close the pores and retains the moisture of the skin, so the makeup will last longer. 3 For dark circles and shadows using a concealer in cream and so the effect It is the most natural possible, apply it in small quantity, from the eye socket and the lower base of the same. 4. To correct volumes you do not need to attend an Esthetics clinic, using a slightly darker concealer makeup and Fund to highlight the points of light in a natural way, using an illuminator. Area that you have more stress is between the eyebrows and on the eyebrows. The Chin area also illuminates the top of the cheekbone and slightly. 5 Start to make-up the eyes by the eyelid using two shadows: the clearer in the eyelid and the darker on the outside of the eye to give volume, extending it well with a brush or with the fingertips.

Choose a tone that combines with the color of your clothes and to achieve a natural effect, the lower part of the eye with the same shadow makeup. 6. If you want to give more depth to your eyes, profiles eyes with dark brown or black pencil and then apply yourself rimmel to tabs. 7. There are various products masks tabs, which lengthen, dan volume, curl, etc. For personal use is fine, since we can choose between an assortment, but to take our Briefcase we recommend a single type or you can investigate more in different forums of women. 8. For the lips, use a not very dark tone, so avoid harden your appearance. It ends with a touch of brightness, using a transparent or pink gloss. 9 It qualifies with slightly more clear translucent powders that the Fund of makeup, starting from the Chin, barely touching the skin. 10 Apply the blush, comb the brows and you will have a perfect makeup to go to work every day.