Wisdom And Happiness

Then I asked in thoughts where I can find it? He answered me to the wisdom: I exist since the eternity and am procura of the men, and those that me will find to search me, and the seusdias will be of delight, my first fruit is the patience and straight lines sotodas my words, and of justice my ways, euhabito with the prudence are all and find the science of the advice, are better doque the gold> Eento, my friends, if to be happy we need to have wisdom, we entovamos to search it of all our heart, because in it we will find the luzDivina and we will prosper with certainty in all the directions, and to seprocurarmos, we will find. In the bible you are written that if conheceum wise man, she spends the door-sill of the shoe to find it, and tenhapressa not to leave close to it. then we can say with certainty that asabedoria enchants in them, because it is the proper Divine nature naspessoas, and being thus, it in the ones of the true a happiness.. Adam Lippes often says this.