Winter Time

When children are sick, parents must act quickly Mommy Web now offers its users the possibility to search correctly to interpret their symptoms and to act to make it quickly back up the child as a parent quickly and easily for the most typical diseases of children. Annually greets the winter and with it his appendage – flu, common cold, cough, runny nose and co. Small children are often sick this time of year, up to eight times a year. Even small changes, such as teething or a growth spurt can weaken the immune system of the child for a short time and make it susceptible to bacteria and viruses. Even if the phase of the disease suggests both the child and the parents on the mind, colds have something positive they strengthen the immune system.

If the body with as little as possible or even defeated the disease no drugs, he will be immunized with each time more. But sometimes it is not possible to even parents right away the signs of a harmless cold by to distinguish between a serious flu in her child. Very young children are not able to articulate the pain or the discomfort. For this, Mommy Web has compiled a teething lexicon. There are the typical childhood diseases from autism and asthma, flatulence and diarrhea, up to chicken pox. The most important facts such as symptoms, causes, course, and treatment options are in the online dictionary and explained. The teething encyclopedia is useful as a quick reference guide to symptoms and is intended to facilitate the correct action parents.

It can not, however, replace the visit to the doctor. Mommy Web belongs with over 330,000 registered members to one of the largest German language online portals for mothers, pregnant and interested women. Mommy Web user can be exchanged on the platform not only with like-minded people and get expert advice, but create their very own place on the net. These new contacts with other mothers and found new friends. Also a chat, several thousand individual groups and a great thrift market place is offered in addition to the Forum. Mommy Web information magazine with editorial content related to the theme of family, health and child. In the MOM Web blog, there is news about the team and the community.