Wikitude Drive Wins Galileo Master

The augmented reality navigation Wikitude drive by Mobilizy is the big winner in the European satellite navigation competition (ESNC) 2010 Munich, October 19, 2010. “The augmented reality navigation system Wikitude drive” by Mobilizy is the big winner in the European satellite navigation competition (ESNC) 2010 Wikitude drive won yesterday the Galileo master 2010 “as well as special topic prize as the best application for EGNOS, a system that an extremely accurate positioning allows the GSA. 354 projects from 44 countries had been submitted. The Galileo master for the first time went to Austria. The Kaisersaal in the Munich Residenz was last night scene of the award ceremony of the European satellite navigation competition 2010. This international ideas competition looking for concepts that would benefit particularly from the satellite navigation system Galileo. The augmented reality navigation system Wikitude drive impressed the international jury, consisting of DLR (German Aerospace Center), NAVTEQ, ESA (European space Agency), GSA (global navigation satellite system – supervisory authority), T-Mobile. The award of the Galileo master 2010 confirmed how revolutionary is the navigation concept of Wikitude drive.

In the future, improved processors, larger displays and more accurate positioning by Galileo Augmented Reality are perfect navigation. A line to follow, which is glued, visible only through the mobile phone such as adhesive tape on the street it’s augmented reality! “, says Philipp Breuss-Schneeweis, founder of Wikitude/Mobilizy and author of the first version of Wikitude world browser. Wikitude drive is the first augmented reality navigation system for Android smartphones with global maps. It is installed like any other navigation system on the windscreen, so that the phone’s camera is directed forward in direction of travel. Is the special feature of Wikitude drive, the road the driver on the Smartphone display exactly like in real life, but overlaid with driving instructions. The driver can therefore a virtual line on the follow the real road.