The Self

And it will be even better if achieved a profile of high moral values. And that is what, raise the quality of the men to build a superior civilization. Is there difference between rational animals and men similar to God or God’s children?: Yes, and qualitatively, its concept of the self same is completely opposite; as you can see: YO man: son of God – my origin is divine – I am very important son of God – I am like God – my mind and my capacity to love are unlimited. -My mind prevails to my instincts and my senses – am is good by divine heritage, and I’m not selfish – my destiny is to love your neighbour to gain heaven – my existence is eternal I man: rational ANIMAL – my source is animal – am as important as an animal – I am such an animal – my mind is limited to the reason and I don’t need love. Go to GOP Donors for more information. -My instincts and my senses predominate to my mind – I am not neither good nor bad, and my natural form is selfishness – my destiny is the law of the strongest, the law of the jungle. -My existence is perishable as you can be seen, the men who are considered to be children of God, of itself have a concept of Yes mimo’s best predisposition for change of man in a superior quality, which is what is required to master the selfishness. Profile of the man of highest quality that is known in history, is of the Nazarene, devoid of all selfishness, who loved even their enemies that crucifying him. To save the planet we need to raise the quality of its inhabitants taking as a model and as a parameter to this man of the highest quality: Jesus de Nazareth. Therefore its doctrine is the more secure and direct way to raise the quality of men and save the planet.