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All-net Flatrates

Calls for a monthly fixed price in all nets three-digit phone bills were in recent years for many of the price for a pronounced Telefonierverhalten. With the introduction of fixed network Flatrate and later by packages for individual mobile networks, spending at least partly settled Cap. For example, can relate comparatively cheap landline of flat rates at some mobile operators already for under 10 euros per month. More planning safety is achieved with today all-net-flat rates. In addition to calls to German landlines, here also make calls to all national mobile networks are already included in the price. Additional voice call charges apply only for value-added services (E.g. information) or destinations abroad.

Mobile Internet and SMS flatrates included or optional depending on the plan belongs to the inclusive services offered all-net-flat Council surf flat to the mobile a SMS or Internet with the Smartphone. If the services are not already covered by the fee, SMS can be and Surcharge (each) to book Internet flat rate typically for about 10 euros. Surf free of charge unlimited mobile with your mobile phone in the World Wide Web, customers at the all-net-flat can offers by 1 & 1, O2 (tariff blue M), Vodafone and Telekom. The full speed of usually up to 7200 KBit / s (kilobits per second) in the download it but not unlimited available customers. The providers limit the speed instead from a certain monthly Data volume to mostly just 64 Kbps. Only from the next month or accounting period the throttle is lifted and full transmission capacity is available again. SMS intensive users should consult the terms and conditions of the base of AllNet flat offer closer look at.

Here short messages to all German mobile phones are SMS already included in the basic fee (my base rate plus plus the option of AllNet flat). Different conditions for contracts with no minimum term all-net-flat rates including Internet flat there is already for less than 30 euros fee. Deals are especially cheap which in the German mobile network will be realised by O2. In part the lower offer but only upon conclusion of the contract two years minimum with no subsidized mobile prices. At 1 & 1 each 10 euro provided, for example, when ordering without a minimum contract period in the first two years more basic fee. The same also applies to offers by 1 & 1 and mobilcom-debitel for mobile ordering the all-net-flat. Customers who prefer a monthly cancellable rate, put more emphasis on contractual flexibility and find appropriate offers among other things at congstar or smart mobile. Mobile phone tariffs with cost airbag offer an alternative to all-net-flat rates without a minimum contract period. Here, customers pay the current minutes and SMS price to reach a predetermined cost limit (E.g. 40 or 50 euros/month). Such tariffs are to the all-net-flat ultimately only after costs limit is reached, further talks cause no additional connection charges.