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Conference Guide

When a ship’s captain discovered with awe that his ship is grounded in sand, despair and the mental block cause on many occasions that is not capable of solving the problem. One thing plays in their favor: the tide goes up and down every six hours. In this state of pessimism and hopelessness, the easiest solution is sit idle and let the tide which refloat the ship and return it to the high seas. Make no mistake: this is what will happen! This kind of attitude, albeit passive, leads to the expected result. But there is a terrible mistake: the pattern just trust the fate of his ship to a foreign agent, delegating to the tide a responsibility that falls to him. Learn more about this with Sam Belinfante. And the tide, must not forget that, as soon as low rises: in the same way that in those moments he brought the boat afloat, when you change your address will again run aground. The reading of this message is quite clear; just have to replace certain words (tide = crisis; boat = company Captain = steering) and we already have the solution.

The similarity with the management is very clear; When a crisis is prolonged in time, amok enterprises have to fall into despair and discouragement. Sometimes only seen feasible to sit idly by waiting to pass the crisis, that is to resume the path of growth and that the era of prosperity that always follows a crisis (as high tide continues to low tide) remove the company afloat, desencalle it. This Steering error is exactly the same as the captain; in effect the time of fat cows will bring revenue to the companies and all will be afloat, but who has control of the company? A company at the mercy of the market, soon receives revenue as returns to run aground. It moves in the direction who chooses to market. In my lecture of morning day 16 (will be hung a link on this blog to see a delay) I want to convey the message that you still have control. It is a message of hope for those employers who think all you can do is wait for it to change the tide. NO, please.

Don’t forget the captain can give orders so that the ammunition of the pantry, reacomoden that they lighten the weight of the boat. All this will help the buoyancy. The employer can also re-home their things, lighten ballast and prepare for when regains the flotation. Precisely my Conference Guide about what it means to reposition things and lighten burden (that is not understood with undertake dismissals, please). I don’t know if the contents of the session will be to your liking or not. I’ve been working hard to get it, but that just one of you regain optimism and take back control of your company, the effort will be worthwhile. That’s my goal: to see that, despite all the pessimism that Queen, of the negative that you see things, how hard that seems the future you are still his ship captains. Nobody has removed them yet that this fascinating task. RESUME CONTROL and prepare to govern the rudder: the tide will change and you!! they will decide the direction in which want to take! Only you.