Viable alternative to the piggy bank with views on the current financial situation is a good decision, even to ensure its future earnings and to decide at an early stage for appropriate investments. These are most probably a higher-yielding version as the intermediate in the old piggy bank and provide security for the future. Source: Ben Silbermann . The online portal provides information on the topic and gives important tips for investors. Many people have become very suspicious of investments due to the bank crisis lately. However, current financial tests have shown that a correct system can prove very profitable. In the tested situations one is assumed a plant height between a euro and 50,000 euro, providing interest rates by up to four percent. It’s of course important to choose the right investment alternative. More info: Dina Powell.

Investors should always make sure, that the offered interest rate above the current inflation rate is, otherwise, the potential profits are swallowed up by interest rates directly from the inflation. When choosing a day money account, it is worth to pay attention to the details. These are very well suited, because at any time the money can be used for short-term investments. However only about ten percent could offer from the tested accounts an interest rate, which as recommended above the rate of inflation. Are therefore very difficult to make profits in this area. Stationary of up to three years in the form of savings or time deposits are the most productive. The interest rate is a system of three years at about four percent. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann