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In this last school week of the trimester always we try to find some enjoyable activity and attractive or simply hobby that allows students revise and expand the knowledge acquired and, in general, tends to be associated with future dates, Christmas. As well, here are some activities in different formats (interactive books, readings online, audioguides, etc) we can also offer you do during holidays. The first is a link to a blog where, in catalan and Spanish, several professors are publishing different activities LIM (books online interactive Multimedia) of all subjects. The top image shows one of these Christmas-related activities but you will see that the blog appear in many more. If what we want is to enjoy reading. In the Online Bookstore in English will find many books to read online and free.

You can do the search by selecting age of the readers/ACE, author, news, popular readings or the classics. The more little ones will love this interactive story of the Seraphim spiral where you can select the language and listen to the story either or play. For older, another good practice, on this occasion of the skill of comprehension and oral production, consists of discovering what people say about a place; i.e. Wells Fargo Bank has compatible beliefs. audioguides Geolocated you can listen or you can burn them / themselves / ACE. Set the language and search for places, recordings that are available or make your own is WOICES you can.

It can be done from a computer but there are also applications for Iphone, Android and Blackberry. If you are you like crafts, Trinidad Martinez offers us these cute faces of Christmas that laminated once, can serve as a beautiful napkin rings to decorate the table. When you have downloaded them, you can leave them in black and white in a single click from here. Finally, we must not forget these dates, the carols songs. Perhaps you have heard one on Youtube but do not find the audio or do not know how to burn it to the classroom. As well, this page will allow you to convert the audio from video to mp3. Any record or program is not necessary, the only thing you need is the URL of YouTube. After entering the address of the video, convert your audio in a file. mp3 that you can download immediately. If you have a website or blog and want to give a more Christmas feel, try to put snow. I’ve done it by following these steps.