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Companies often struggle in raising equity capital to corporate finance. How to get money for my company?”is the frequently asked question of medium-sized companies. The lending policy of the banks has been II restrictive Basel”, clarifies Nicolo Martin, project manager of the Internet portal, the problems of the German middle class. However, medium-sized companies have good chances to get necessary capital for their business growth.” To the entrepreneurs must leave a overcrowded paths of credit financing and open to new ways and approaches to corporate finance. Company founder and medium-sized enterprises can get analog to capital market opportunities of large corporations capital. This in a similar way, but at a lower cost. A private placement, to german private placement”, is a way to do this. This form of corporate financing is still underdeveloped in Germany.

This is interesting Type of funding because private investors with smaller sums to invest in the business idea. Before now on the search for private investors, there are however some legal restrictions. So you should seek early on a competent partner in this field. For more than 20 years has the Dr. Werner Financial service here group made a name (

The legal issues are resolved, the central question is: How do you find a company private investors who invest in the company. Certainly is, private environment to start him, which is however often not of great success. Usually only a low echo brings to an ad in the local press. Although the area of mezzanine capital in Germany is still underdeveloped, there is an Internet portal that specializes in this area on the Internet for years. Here are Investitionssuchende-and agree merged. Since 1999, Germany’s leading Internet platform supported in the pre-and OTC range of issuers for successful financial communications with the capital market. A professional support in corporate finance is available through different sales tools. is the meeting point for supply and demand. Listed companies meet here sales strong financial advisors, investors, and the business press. The oldest and most successful financial portal for pre-and over-the-counter market emissions offers a new service for entrepreneurs since one year, seeking capital for their businesses. Companies with capital market issuance on the emissions market square can imagine with an interactive Expose. Interested investors leave their contact details and the company continues directly with them in conjunction. Accompany a professional support of financial communication for raising capital and independent bank financing supplied by the SME advisors the issuer. All forms of participation, such as shares, participation certificates, rights, bonds and silent partnerships, can be represented including prospectus and subscription form in an investor relations portal for downloading. Nicolo Martin